Social Media Post - 3/28 - Holiday Plaza Hearing Aid Center

It’s surprisingly easy for your headphones to damage your hearing.

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Imagining an object can change how we hear sounds later.

We were surprised to find that the effects on participants’ perception of acoustic space were almost as strong for imagined stimuli as they were for real visual stimuli. Click Here to Read More

Seven facts about hearing aids

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Tech helps seniors age in place.

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Bill will help veterans get hearing loss care.

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Could pumping iron help you live longer?

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Novel drug therapy partially restores hearing in mice.

It’s possible that using similar approaches might work for other inherited forms of progressive hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Causes of hearing loss – what causes hearing loss?

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Feeling young could mean your brain is aging more slowly.

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Workplace Noise: More than just “All Ears” 

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