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Seniors Who Exercise Regularly May Have Younger Hearts, Muscles

We know we need to exercise for our health, but a lifelong exercise habit may also help us feel younger and stay stronger well into our senior years. Click Here to Read More

Untreated Hearing Loss Can Be Costly for Seniors

Having hearing loss and not knowing it might translate into higher medical bills and other health problems for many seniors, two new studies suggest. Click Here to Read More

Theatre pioneers use of smart glasses for audiences with hearing loss

Providing access to live theatre productions for people with hearing loss has always been a challenge. Click Here to Read More

7 out of 10 preschool teachers have hearing problems.

The study consisted of 4,718 female preschool teachers who were compared to 4,122 women in the general population. Click Here to Read More

Could Weak Bones, Sudden Hearing Loss Be Linked?

Osteoporosis and sudden, temporary hearing loss often occur together. Click Here to Read More

Glaucoma Symptoms, Tests, and Treatments

It’s a condition that can damage your optic nerve, usually because of too much pressure in your eye. Click Here to Read More

Newly Identified Form of Vertigo Responds to Treatment

Because vertigo can have many causes, treating it can be difficult. Click Here to Read More

Hearing Loss in Older Adults Linked to Depression and Dementia

Hearing loss affects more than 50% of Americans aged 60 years or older, and evidence suggests a link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Click Here to Read More

Will puzzle solving stop mental decline?

Doing crossword puzzles and Sudoku does not appear to protect against mental decline. Click Here to Read More

Children with hearing loss experience more bullying.

Children with disabilities like hearing loss endure higher rates of bullying, an American study finds. Click Here to Read More