Social Media Post - 2/10 - Holiday Plaza Hearing Aid Center

1 in 3 cases of dementia could be prevented by healthier lifestyles.

One-third of dementia cases could be prevented if more people could be helped to behave in ways that would improve their brain health. Click Here to Read More

Tinnitus causes changes in the brain.

Networks in the brain change when a person suffers from tinnitus. Click Here to Read More

How the brain knows what to listen to.

How is it that we are able to listen to a friend talk in a crowded café or follow the melody of a violin within an orchestra? Click Here to Read More

Happy New Year 2018

From our staff to our patient’s and their families.

This New Year’s Eve take care of your ears.

While many people know that loud noises including fireworks can cause hearing loss, only a very few wear hearing protection. Click Here to Read More

Does listening to music give you goosebumps?

When you listen to a great song does it make all the hairs on your arm stand on end?  If it does, your brain might be special. Click Here to Read More

It’s not too late to get a flu shot.

Influenza has been widely recognized as a trigger for other diseases. It can cause a wide range of complications, including pneumonia, bacterial co-infection, cardiovascular complications, and the worsening of diabetes. Click Here to Read More

Are statins a key to preventing Alzheimer’s disease?

An estimated 47 million people globally have Alzheimer’s disease and that number is projected to triple by 2050. Click Here to Read More

Why do my ears pop when I fly?

It has to do air pressure. Click Here to Read More

Keeping loved ones with hearing loss close this holiday season.

Keeping the people you love in the conversation and part of the celebration is one of the most meaningful things you can do this holiday season. Click Here to Read More