Social Media Post - 18/31 - Holiday Plaza Hearing Aid Center

Cuba diplomats’ brain injuries still a mystery after investigation.

A new study of the victims of these mysterious phenomena suggests a new, disconcerting possibility. Click Here to Read More

CDC Estimates U.S. Hearing Loss Prevalence 

Almost 16 percent of U.S. adults 18 years and older had any hearing loss during 2014–2016. Click Here to Read More 

Simple Walking Test Helps Diagnose a Cause of Dementia

A surprisingly easy test of how people walk helps neurologists differentiate between two causes of dementia. CLick Here to Read More

Infant heart surgery patients often experience hearing loss.

Children who undergo heart surgery as infants are at a heightened risk for hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Is There A Link Between Opioid Use And Hearing Loss?

One of the most life-changing possible side effects of opioid use goes virtually undiscussed. Click Here to Read More

High prevalence of hearing loss and tinnitus among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

570,322 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with at least three years of VA care and with one or more years of care in 2007 or after were included in the study. Click Here to Read More

Undernourished children more likely to suffer from hearing loss.

Hearing loss is 4th leading cause of disability worldwide, and 80 per cent of affected individuals live in low-and middle-income countries. Click Here to Read More

Hearing loss related to cancer treatments.

Some drugs may cause damage to your inner ear. Click Here to Read More

Is it possible to prevent dementia? 

Study results suggest that people may have some control over their risk of dementia as they age. Click Here to Read More

A mobile app to help to find quiet public places to meet or to dine.

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