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Midlife Fitness May Protect Against Later Depression

Physical fitness in middle age is tied to a lower risk of later-life depression and death from cardiovascular disease, a new study reports. Click Here to Read More

Kids That Use Portable Music Players More Than Twice as Likely to Have Hearing Loss.

According to a study in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, children who listen to music through headphones may be at significantly greater risk of noise-related hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Deep brain stimulation ‘slows Parkinson’s progression’.

There is not yet a cure for Parkinson’s, and available drugs can only relieve symptoms. Click Here to Read More

Aging, obesity may prime the brain for Alzheimer’s.

Some risk factors for the development of this disease are aging and metabolic conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Click Here to Read More

Anxiety may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s.

Anxiety disorders are common across the United States, thought to affect around 40 million adults each year. Click Here to Read More

Function of a mysterious component of the inner ear revealed.

A new study finds that a mysterious component of the inner ear acts as a pressure-relief valve. Click Here to Read More

Six steps to cognitive health.

So how do you keep your brain healthy, stay cognitively fit, and build your cognitive reserve? Click Here to Read More

How Long Can We Live? 

A study of elderly Italians concludes that the oldest humans have not yet reached the limits of life span. Click Here to Read More

Listen to seniors: Hearing aids vital to health.

Sometimes the easiest and most impactful improvements we can make to our health care system are sitting right in front of us. Click Here to Read More

The link between cultural participation and well-being in later life.

Research suggests that cultural activities can give people fulfillment, entertainment and social contacts that might otherwise be missing in their daily lives. Click Here to Read More