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Happy 10th Anniversary, Noisy Planet!

It’s a Noisy Planet. Protect Their Hearing.® is a national public education campaign to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Noise exposure is becoming ‘the new secondhand smoke’.

The 311 nonemergency call service in NYC gets 50,000 calls a day, and the No. 1 complaint is noise. Click Here to Read More

Yelp for Noise

A free program allows users to search for and grade restaurants and bars according to their sound level. Click Here to Read More

Mice in tiny hearing devices help Tulane scientist study hearing loss.

For one in five Americans with varying degrees of hearing impairment, simply having a conversation in a noisy restaurant can be challenging. Click Here to Read More

Noise and Toys: Dos and Don’ts

Noise poses a serious threat to all, but it’s particularly important to pay attention to the noise surrounding children today. Click Here to Read More

Workplace Noise: More than just “All Ears” 

Noise is everywhere, but how loud does it need to be to cause harm? Click Here to Read More

Can We Cure Noise Pollution

There are ways to lessen the noise around us. Click Here to Read More  

Surprising Causes of Hearing Loss 

Don’t just blame your age. Click Here to Read More

The insidious health risk you need to know about.

Most people don’t know when permanent hearing damage is occurring. Click Here to Read More

Teacher Toolkit from Noisy Planet

Noisy Planet’s Teacher Toolkit will help you teach preteens about the causes and prevention of noise-induced hearing loss. Click Here to Read More