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More than half of all construction workers have a hearing loss.

55% of American construction workers have a hearing loss, a study shows. Click Here to Read More

The Dangers of Too Much Noise

Exposure to noise from the workplace and noise-induced hearing loss can be dangerous to your health according to a recent study.  Researcher’s found that workers regularly exposed to noise levels of 100 decibels had more than double the risk of being hospitalized for a workplace injury. Lead researcher, Serge-Andre Girard said that, “exposure to high […]

Alcohol consumption during concerts increases risk of hearing loss.

If you drink alcohol during a music festival, at which you are exposed to loud music, you are at higher risk of developing a noise-induced hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Nearly 30 percent of teens have damaged their hearing.

Teens, with their earbuds jammed deeply into their ears, aren’t listening to the message about loud music and hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Why Hearing Protection is Important

When you don’t protect your ears from the ravages of sounds that are too loud you can cause hearing loss.  Hearing loss caused as a result of exposure to loud sounds is called a noise-induced hearing loss or NIHL.  NIHL can be immediate or it can take a long time to be noticeable. It can […]

Do healthcare providers and social service workers have an increased risk of hearing loss?

You are at increased risk of developing a hearing loss if you work within the healthcare and social assistance sector. Click Here to Read More

UN guidelines unveiled to prevent rising hearing loss among young smartphone listeners.

More than one billion 12 to 35-year-olds, risk irreversible hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds. Click Here to Read More

Answering the Popular Question: Can Using Earbuds Lead to Hearing Loss?

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association linked the use of headphones and earbuds to a significant increase in hearing loss in young people. Click Here to Read More

How to protect your ears and avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

Really loud and has the potential to damage our hearing without us even noticing until it’s too late. Click Here to Read More

Noise is the New Secondhand Smoke

New York City, American’s largest metropolis, fields about 50,000 non-emergency, 311 calls each day, and the No. 1 complaint is noise. Click to Read More