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Simple treatment may minimize hearing loss triggered by loud noises.

It’s well known that exposure to extremely loud noises — whether it’s an explosion, a firecracker or even a concert — can lead to permanent hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Study: How Many Kids Have Hearing Loss?

Scientists are finding what many parents will say they knew all along — loud music hurts kids’ hearing. Click Here to Read More

Farmers suffer hearing loss.

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Royal Opera House orchestra was so loud a violist says it ruined his hearing.

Its roaring brass section is so epic and loud that Francis Ford Coppola used it in the iconic helicopter-attack scene from “Apocalypse Now.”   Click Here to Read More

High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Associated with Noisy Jobs

Reducing workplace noise levels is critical not just for hearing loss prevention – it may also impact blood pressure and cholesterol. Click Here to Read More

Millions of People Do Not Protect Their Ears

Even though many people know that they should use earplugs or earmuffs when mowing the lawn, they don’t.   Click Here to Read More

Is My Job Causing Me to Lose My Hearing?

Occupational hearing loss is hearing loss that develops slowly over a long period of time (several years) as the result of exposure to continuous or intermittent loud noise at a persons place of employment.  The good news is that the risk of occupational hearing loss (OHL) is declining.  However while progress has been made, additional […]

Can you protect your hearing?

While many things outside our control can cause hearing loss, one thing over which we do have some control is noise. Click Here to Read More

How Sound Can Be an Ally or an Enemy of a Healthy Brain

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High prevalence of hearing loss and tinnitus among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

570,322 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with at least three years of VA care and with one or more years of care in 2007 or after were included in the study. Click Here to Read More