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Can a Hearing Loss Make You Feel Socially Isolated?

You know you’re having some problems hearing.  Your friends and family members seem to point out what you’re missing or how often they have to repeat information every day now.  But are you aware of exactly how that might be impacting you on a daily basis? CONSEQUENCES OF UNTREATED HEARING LOSS Untreated hearing loss can […]

Study points to possible new therapy for hearing loss.

Researchers have taken an important step toward what may become a new approach to restore the hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Alport Syndrome and Hearing Loss

Why is hearing affected by Alport syndrome? Click Here to Read More

Hearing’s Contribution to Quality of Life

Quality of life can be defined as, “your personal satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the cultural or intellectual conditions under which you live (as distinct from material comfort).  For example, “the new art museum is expected to improve your quality of life”. Quality of life is a broad multidimensional concept that usually includes subjective evaluations of […]

‘A Star Is Born’ and three facts about hearing loss

In the hit film A Star Is Born, Bradley Cooper’s character is a country-rock musician who suffers from hearing loss and a condition called tinnitus. Click Here to Read More

What is the Definition of Normal Hearing?

You had your hearing checked a few years ago and you were told at that time that you had normal to borderline normal hearing. You think it might be time to have it checked again because you’ve been noticing that you don’t hear as well as you used to.  You’re also wondering how you could’ve had […]

NYU Researchers Find Link Between Hearing Loss and Hospital Readmission

Every year there are more than 35 million hospitalizations in the US. Click Here to Read More

Louder Isn’t Necessarily Better

Just turn up the volume and people can hear what’s being said, right? Well, not really…. Click Here to Read More

October Is National Protect Your Hearing Month

During this year’s National Protect Your Hearing Month—observed each October—learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Click Here to Read More

Hearing During an Emergency

We take our ability to hear for granted.  But, when we encounter new and unfamiliar situations, that’s the time we count on our ability to hear.  And there’s no more important time to make sure you can hear than when you are faced with an emergency situation. Most people with a hearing loss have had […]