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Do I Need a Hearing Aid?

You’ve started to ask your self, “Do I need a hearing aid?” and friends and family are kindly and frequently suggesting that maybe its time to get your hearing tested. Hearing loss is not typically something that happens overnight.  Rarely does anyone wake up thinking, “I need a hearing aid, today.” Oftentimes the person with […]

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Hearing Aids

Can you wait to get hearing aids?  That’s a good question.  In general, as with any health problem, the sooner you do something about the problem the better. Hearing aids provided amplified sound to the parts of your brain that interpret the sound into meaning. Hearing loss happens slowly and the person with the loss […]

What is a Hearing Aid?

Okay, I admit it.  “What is a hearing aid?”, is not one of the more interesting articles you’re ever going to read. However, knowing a little bit about what you might be sticking in your ear isn’t really such a bad idea, is it? A hearing aid is a small electronic device that you wear […]

Choosing Hearing Aids, What Do You Need to Know?

Hearing loss has many causes.  Fortunately, hearing aids can reduce the effects of hearing loss.  Although hearing aids can benefit many people, it’s important to keep in mind that no hearing aid can restore normal hearing.  The benefits depend on many factors, including the degree of hearing loss. Initial Evaluation A hearing evaluation should only […]

Do Hearing Aids Really Work?

Good question and although the answer is a BIG yes, it requires an explanation.  Hearing loss is any degree of impairment in the audibility of sound.  We can divide hearing loss into two categories: Volume – Volume correlates to how loud or soft a sound is. Clarity – Once the volume is adequate, clarity is […]

Why Two Ears Are Really Better Than One

We’re often asked about why it’s important to wear two hearing aids.  The reasons listed below outline the advantages of hearing with two ears (binaural hearing). Advantage of Two Ears Improved Speech Clarity Balanced hearing Wider Hearing Range – A voice barely heard at ten feet away with one ear can be heard up to […]