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1 in 3 cases of dementia could be prevented by healthier lifestyles.

One-third of dementia cases could be prevented if more people could be helped to behave in ways that would improve their brain health. Click Here to Read More

Researchers Find Link Between Age-Related Hearing Loss and Dementia

Understanding any possible association between hearing loss and cognitive decline could help with strategies to prevent cognitive decline and dementia with use of hearing devices. Click Here to Read More

Can I Wait to Get a Hearing Aid?

You know you’re having problems hearing and you know you probably need a hearing aid.  What you really want to know is, “How long can you wait to get a hearing aid?”  We all have issues that we’d rather avoid, for example we put off going to the dentist or to the doctor unless we’re […]

Do married couples have lower dementia risk? – CNN

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The early signs of dementia every woman should know.

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Dementia and age-related hearing loss

It’s becoming increasingly accepted that the reach of hearing loss extends far beyond sensory impairment. Click Here to Read More

Hearing loss could pose greater risk of potential dementia in later life.

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Forgetfulness: what’s normal, what’s not?

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6 treatable conditions that mimic dementia.

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4 factors that may shrink your brain.

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