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What’s the Difference Between Delirium and Dementia?

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Forgetfulness — 7 types of normal memory problems.

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Fighting Dementia With Memories of Childhood and Happy Times

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9 Ways to Reduce Dementia Risk

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Treating non-cognitive symptoms of people with dementia.

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Why You Should Have Your Hearing Screened Now

If you are over or are approaching age 60, this article is for you. Adult hearing loss is among the top ten disabilities in terms of years lived with disability for those over 60.  Given the number of adults over aged 60 who potentially suffer with untreated hearing loss, it may be time to investigate […]

Fitness in Midlife May Help Fend Off Dementia

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Are You Being Helpful or Ageist With People With Dementia?

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11 Signs Your Memory Problems Are Not Normal

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Simple Walking Test Helps Diagnose a Cause of Dementia

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