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The Joy of Being 70.

When I told my friends I was writing a book on older women like us, they immediately protested, “I am not old.”   Click Here to Read More

Harvard researchers say healthy habits may add years to your life.

What’s the secret to living longer? A Harvard study published by Circulation suggests that it may come down to five healthy habits: Click Here to Read More

The Joy of Being a Woman in Her 70s

Our country’s ideas about old women are so toxic that almost no one, no matter her age, will admit she is old. Click Here to Read More

How Long Can We Live? 

A study of elderly Italians concludes that the oldest humans have not yet reached the limits of life span. Click Here to Read More

More hearing loss is expected in an aging society.

The numbers of elderly in Europe and the United States are increasing, and hearing loss is becoming more prevalent. Click Here to Read More