Too Many Teens Show Evidence of Hearing Loss

According to the lead researcher, “There is a major public health challenge coming down the road in terms of difficulties with hearing.” via McMaster Daily News.

The Financial Impact of Hearing Loss

Any medical condition is always accompanied by a financial burden, either to treat the condition or to manage the impact of the condition.  Hearing loss is no different. Severe to profound hearing loss is estimated to cost society on average $300,000 over the lifetime per individual. According to a study carried out in 1999 by […]

Memo To Airlines, We Can’t Hear You!

Dreading the flight portion of your trip this summer because you have hearing loss? You’re not alone. Memo To Airlines, We Can’t Hear You!.

Is the Music at Your Gym Ruining Your Hearing?

Putting your hearing at risk while doing a good thing for the rest of your body doesn’t make any sense at all. The Washington Post.

Has There Been a Decline in the Dementia Rate?

Framingham researchers had been studying more than 5,000 men and women since 1975. The participants had physical exams, including tests for dementia every five years.  Here’s what they found. Harvard Health Blog – Harvard Health Publications.

Hearing Loss Can Cause Listening Fatigue

Results from a recent study suggest that sustained speech-processing demands can lead to mental fatigue in persons with hearing loss. It is important to note that the use of clinically fit hearing aids may reduce listening effort and susceptibility to mental fatigue associated with sustained speech-processing demands. via PubMed – NCBI.

What Can Hearing Aids do for You?

A recent study theorized that by restoring the ability to communicate, hearing aids may help to increase social interactions, and in doing so, may slow down cognitive decline. via Hearing Aid Satisfaction Revisited : The Hearing Journal.

Hearing Loss a Genetic Cause Discovered

The absence of this molecule appears to be responsible for noise-induced hearing loss, one of the most common causes of hearing loss.  Medical News Today.