How Common is Inherited Loss?

Good question, after all you inherited any other number of things from your parents: eye color, dimples, chin cleft and so on.  The answer is yes you can inherit hearing loss. Hereditary hearing loss and deafness may be conductive, sensorineural, or a combination of both; syndromic (associated with malformations of the external ear or other […]

Who Has Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is an invisible disability.  Those with the condition have a tendency to try to deny the condition even exists.  On average a person with a hearing loss will put off addressing the problem for somewhere between 5 and 7 years.  That’s a long time to go around either missing out on what’s going […]

Is a Hearing Loss Causing a Problem in Your Relationship?

If you are married to, live with or love someone who has a hearing loss this article is for you.  Being in a relationship can at times be trying.  Being in a relationship with someone who has a hearing loss that they refuse to do anything about can at times be impossible.  Never are you […]

The Holidays and Hearing Loss

The Holiday Season is in full swing.  For many this is the time of year that they celebrate with large gatherings of friends and family.  While that can be a festive time for many, if you are struggling to hear, the holiday season can be one of endless frustration. If you have a hearing loss, […]

How You Can Help a New Hearing Aid User

The day has finally come.  Your spouse, mom, dad, brother, sister or friend has finally decided to do something about their hearing loss.  They’ll be coming home soon with their new hearing aids and you want to make sure you do everything you can to help them transition as seamlessly as possible into the hearing […]

How to Keep Hearing Impaired Loved Ones Involved During the Holidays

The holiday season has arrived.  Office parties, family gatherings and community events are filling up the calendar.  If you are hosting such an event, there is a possibility that you will be inviting someone who has a hearing loss. It’s important to understand that they may be looking at their calendar of events with a […]

Hearing Loss and Its Impact on Mental Health

Hearing loss is different from many other disabilities in that it is an invisible handicap. It is not always apparent that an individual has a hearing loss.  Often times the behaviors of the hearing impaired are attributed to something else, simply not paying attention, being distracted, and so on. Since hearing loss is not a […]

How to Enjoy Thanksgiving with a Hearing Loss

Thanksgiving is almost here.  One of the more challenging listening situations for individuals with a hearing loss is trying to communicate in noise. Thanksgiving can be a very noisy day whether you’re dining at home or dining at a restaurant.  Even the most elegant restaurants tend to be on the noisy side.  Numerous conversations are […]