How to Enjoy Thanksgiving with a Hearing Loss

Thanksgiving is almost here.  One of the more challenging listening situations for individuals with a hearing loss is trying to communicate in noise. Thanksgiving can be a very noisy day whether you’re dining at home or dining at a restaurant.  Even the most elegant restaurants tend to be on the noisy side.  Numerous conversations are […]

Hearing Loss, Hearing Aids and Cognitive Decline

A link between hearing loss and cognitive decline has been recognized for more than a few years.  Dr. Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins University, one of the leading researchers into the impact of hearing loss on an aging population concluded the following from a study released in 2011. “Hearing loss is independently associated with incident […]

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aids

Congratulations, you’ve taken steps to improve your ability to hear.  Now take the time to protect your investment so it lasts as long as possible.  Here is a list of the top 5 ways to extend the life of your hearing aid. 1.  If the hearing aids are not in your ears, they belong in […]

Hearing Loss and Diabetes

You know you’re having a problem hearing, but you’d like to know what caused the problem.  There are many risk factors associated with hearing loss including loud noises, genetics and certain medications to name just a few.  Recent research has shown that people with diabetes are twice as likely to experience hearing loss as those […]

Feeling Tired? Check Your Hearing

If you have an untreated hearing loss it’s a foregone conclusion that extra effort is going to be required to understand what’s going on around you.  Hearing is no longer a passive event where you’re taking everything in and sorting out the meaning.  Instead, as a hearing impaired listener you are forced to expend extra […]

Can Hearing Aids Reduce the Risk of a Fall?

A small study suggests that older people with hearing loss may find that their balance improves when they use hearing aids. The finding supports the idea that improving hearing in older people with hearing loss may help reduce their risk of falls. In The Laryngoscope journal, senior author Timothy E. Hullar says they do not think the improvement […]

Surgery, Anesthesia and Hearing Loss

You’ve recently had surgery and noticed a change following the surgery.  You’re wondering if the two could be connected.  The answer is yes, a very rare but potentially disabling and little known side effect of anesthesia is hearing loss. Perioperative (before, during and after surgery) hearing loss is a rarely reported phenomenon. However, it occurs […]

Will You be Able to Hear During an Emergency?

We take our ability to hear for granted.  But, when we encounter new and unfamiliar situations, that’s the time we really count on our ability to hear.  And there’s no more important time to make sure you can hear then when you are faced with an emergency situation. Most people with a hearing loss have […]