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Update on baby boomer health

American Baby Boomers are more stressed & less healthy than people in the same age group were a decade ago. Click Here to Read More

Untreated hearing loss affects baby boomers still in the workplace.

Research reported by the Better Hearing Institute demonstrated that the use of hearing aids reduces the risk of losing income by…? Click Here to Read More

Silently suffering from hearing loss negatively affects quality of life.

Hearing loss in adults is under treated despite evidence that hearing aid technology can significantly lessen depression and anxiety and improve cognitive functioning. Click Here to Read More

Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Not-So-Silent History With Hearing Loss

Some musicians have struggled with hearing problems their entire lives. Some have hearing loss caused by a lifetime of exposure to loud music. Click Here to Read More

Ear Symptoms of Allergies

Allergies can be seasonal or year round and the symptoms can be mild or severe. Click Here to Read More

How many Americans have hearing loss?

Nationally representative estimate shows wide scope of problem. Click Here to Read More

The Impact of Hearing Loss on Women

According to a recent study, hearing loss is associated with depression among American adults, especially women and those younger than age 70. In the new study, the research indicated that as hearing declined, the percentage of depressed adults increased — from about 5 percent in those who had no hearing problems to more than 11 […]

Women are better at explaining their hearing loss.

Women are more than twice as likely as men to tell people about their hearing challenges, why? Click Here to Read More