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How to Help a New Hearing Aid User

The day has finally come.  Your spouse, mom, dad, brother, sister or friend has finally decided to do something about their hearing loss.  They’ll be coming home soon with their new hearing aids and you want to make sure you do everything you can to help them transition as seamlessly as possible into the hearing […]

6 Tips For Practicing Yoga With Hearing Loss

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Cause of age related hearing loss.

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Reports shows surge in early tinnitus for millennials. 

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Why cyclists are at risk of hearing loss.

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New evidence suggests Alzheimer’s doesn’t destroy memories.

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Can My Quality of Life be Improved With Hearing Aids?

Quality of life is a subjective measure of happiness that is an important component of many financial decisions. Factors that play a role in quality of life vary according to personal preferences, but they often include financial security, job satisfaction, family life, health and safety. Financial decisions usually involve a tradeoff where quality of life […]

Sudden Hearing Loss

Sudden hearing loss continues to be vexing for doctor and patient because the cause often cannot be determined. Click Here to Read More

Cholesterol Abnormalities & Diabetes

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The Link Between Health Loss and Health Outcomes 

Age-related hearing loss is a highly prevalent yet relatively under-recognised health problem in elderly populations. Click Here to Read More