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Protect your brain from stress.

Stress management may reduce health problems linked to stress, which include cognitive problems and a higher risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Click Here to Read More

Tinnitus Explained

TINNITUS EXPLAINED Tinnitus (pronounced “tin-it-tus”) is an abnormal noise in the ear.  It is extremely common – nearly 36 million Americans have tinnitus.  More than half of the normal population has intermittent tinnitus.  About 6% of the general population has what they consider to be “severe” tinnitus.   Tinnitus may be in both ears or […]

5 Signs of Hearing Loss You Shouldn’t Ignore.

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Forgetfulness — 7 types of normal memory problems.

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Association of hearing loss and stroke

The risk of a stoke was two times higher, if you had experienced a sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Hearing Loss Myths and Misconceptions

As section head of audiology at the Cleveland Clinic, I see a lot of patients with misconceptions about hearing loss. Here are a few of the most common… Click Here to Read More

The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey: I’m very, very deaf

Rock singer Roger Daltrey advices concert goers to wear hearing protection. Click Here to Read More

Fighting Dementia With Memories of Childhood and Happy Times

It is part of an unorthodox approach to dementia treatment that doctors and caregivers across the Netherlands have been pioneering. Click Here to Read More

I Can Hear the Words but Don’t Understand What’s Being Said.

Hearing and understanding are two sides of the same coin.  It’s quite possible to hear everything someone says but at the same time understand nothing they said.  For example listening to someone speaking in a foreign language, if I were to ask you if you could hear him or her you would say yes.  If […]

Chris Martin: years of playing live has given me tinnitus.

He said: ”I wish I’d thought about it earlier. Now we always use moulded filter plugs, or in-ear monitors, to try and protect our ears. Click Here to Read More