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Untreated hearing loss can be costly for seniors.

Researchers analyzed data from more than 77 000 US patients with untreated age-related hearing loss and compared them to people without hearing loss. Click Here to Read More

Fixing Your Hearing and Vision Loss Can Keep Your Memory Sharper.

When you get hearing aids, it can help you stay more stimulated and socially engaged. Click Here to Read More

Diet and Depression

Which comes first? Poor diet or depression? Click Here to Read More

Expert Discovers Key Gene in Cells Associated with Age-Related Hearing Loss.

Discovery could help pave way for developing a treatment for hearing loss. Click Here to Read More 

Diabetes and heart disease can be diagnosed by simply shining a LIGHT on your skin.

The researchers believe the quick, non-invasive nature of the test means it could be carried out ‘in non-medical settings or public locations such as supermarkets, pharmacies or drug stores’. Click Here to Read More

10 reasons to Get Your Hearing Checked Now

More than 40 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss.  You are not alone.  Hearing loss is one of the most common health problems in the United States, just behind arthritis and heart disease.  Unfortunately, the average person waits a considerably long time before deciding the issue is bad enough to warrant a […]

Patients with Untreated Hearing Loss Incur Higher Health Care Costs.

An average of 46 percent, totaling $22,434 per person over a decade. Click Here to Read More

Music: The part of your brain that will never get lost to Alzheimers.

The study confirms that music can sometimes actually lift people out of the Alzheimer haze. Click Here to Read More

Hearing Protection for Hunter’s

Hunting season is in full swing in many areas. Among the many safety precautions that should be taken by hunters, protecting your hearing should be somewhere near the top of the list.  Exposure to sounds in excess of 85 dB can permanently damage your hearing.  The damage is dependent on the amount of time exposed […]

Hearing Loss Now Afflicts 40 Million Americans

One in four adults aged 20 to 69 experiences hearing deficits. Click Here to Read More