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Are Restaurants Getting Too Loud?

Popular restaurants in many of the nation’s biggest cities have a noise problem. Click Here to Read More

UN guidelines unveiled to prevent rising hearing loss among young smartphone listeners.

More than one billion 12 to 35-year-olds, risk irreversible hearing loss from exposure to loud sounds. Click Here to Read More

Diabetes the most common condition sending seniors to the ER.

Older adults are more likely than other consumers to require a trip to the hospital emergency room (ER). Click Here to Read More

Heart Disease and Hearing Loss

There are various known risk factors for the development of cardiovascular disease, including diet and lifestyle, family history, and age, as well as conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and other vascular diseases.  But what does all that have to do with your ears? THE LINK A growing body of research suggests that hearing loss and […]

Answering the Popular Question: Can Using Earbuds Lead to Hearing Loss?

A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association linked the use of headphones and earbuds to a significant increase in hearing loss in young people. Click Here to Read More

People caring for older and younger relatives at higher risk of mental illness

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How to protect your ears and avoid noise-induced hearing loss.

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Signs of memory problems could be symptoms of hearing loss instead.

Older adults concerned about displaying early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease should also consider a hearing check-up, suggest recent findings. Click Here to Read More

Noise is the New Secondhand Smoke

New York City, American’s largest metropolis, fields about 50,000 non-emergency, 311 calls each day, and the No. 1 complaint is noise. Click to Read More

Two studies present conflicting views of aging.

It’s hard to count how many rock and roll songs have been written over the years cursing the prospect of getting old. But getting old is not so bad. Click Here to Read More